Dr. Anantbhushan Ranade
( Medical Oncologist & Director of ACC )

Avinash Cancer Clinic    02-Dec-2022
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Dr. Anantbhushan Ranade
  • Former President, Indian Society of Medical & Pediatric Oncology (ISMPO) 2015-16
  • Honorary Vice-President and President-Elect, Molecular Oncology Society (MOS) (National society of molecular oncology, India) Since 2015.
  • Honorary President, Immuno-oncology Leadership Network (LION) (National Society of Immuno-oncology, India)
  • Honorary President, Association of Maharashtra Medical Oncologists. (State society of medical oncologists of Maharashtra)
  • 21 years of experience in treating cancer patients
  • Director of Oncology at Department of oncology- Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) since 2015 and Avinash Cancer Clinic, Pune since 1997

  • Dr.Ranade has been in the medical oncology practice for more than 21 years. He has presented many clinical research papers in various forums. He is The first president to be elected from Maharashtra (outside Mumbai), and the youngest of all elected presidents, Dr.Ranade shared his views on cancer as a disease and the approach taken by him and ISMPO in combating it, in his first interview after being elected president.

    Dr. Ranade has won many awards from DNA – Winners in Life award- in 2016 in Mumbai, India, and Global Young Investigator Award – in 2002 in Indianapolis, USA. He has also written books like the Oncology Knowledge Bank Lung Cancer Vol1,2,3, Lung Cancer book, and various other books.