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Avinash Cancer Clinic    19-Jul-2022
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Comprehensive Thalassaemia Day Care Unit
A Comprehensive Thalassaemia Day Care Unit, the first of its kind in heart of Pune, was inaugurated at the Sanjeevan Hospital on 14th November 2021. In the presence of renowned dignitaries and representatives of the Thalassemia Society Pune Chapter and apart from them the doctors, nursing staff, thalassaemic children, and their parents were also present.
The center provides free-of-cost services to Thalassemia patients and aims to make the entire treatment line and transfusions hassle-free.
Six different entities – Sanjeevan hospital, Avinash Cancer care clinic, Decimate C, Jankalyan Blood bank, thalassemia society Pune chapter, and Funwithredbloodcells are partners in this project for the well-being of thalassemia patients.
This center is executed on the concept of One Stop For All. The transfusions are planned, and arrangements for blood are done in advance by the Centre. Besides this, the children are monitored for all their health parameters by the doctors in charge of the Day Care free of cost. With air-conditioning, television, and other facilities, the Centre now provides comprehensive treatment in a comfortable environment at a place that is very close to the children’s residence. This center was conceptualized by Hematologists Dr. Liza Bulsara and Dr. Sweta Lunkad.

The Centre caters to more than 200 transfusions/per month. It has conducted 3 HLA(Human leukocyte antigen) camps free of cost to date. Children matched with siblings/ parents have been successfully taken up for Bone Marrow Transplants.

Location – 2nd Floor, Thalassemia Day Care Unit, Sanjeevan Hospital, Pune.
Sanjeevan Hospital, Pune
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