Teleconsultation services

Avinash Cancer Clinic    20-Jul-2022
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Today, in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, cancer patients are facing the additional risk of getting exposed to the deadly virus if they step out of their house. Cancer patients are at higher risk than others to acquire the coronavirus infection and also at risk of complications of the illness due to their immunosuppressed state.
Teleconsultation services are offered by us at Avinash Cancer clinic keeping in mind the difficulties faced by cancer patients and their relatives with regard to travel and risk of infection in the corona pandemic. In this way, the cancer patients benefit by getting a confidential video consultation with the oncologist or hematologist at the comfort of their home without having to take any risk of exposure.
The various advantages of teleconsultation are avoiding crowded waiting rooms for doctor’s appointments, appointment at a time convenient to you and your oncologist, informing reports, getting second opinions, and having regular follow ups.