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Avinash Cancer Clinic    09-Jul-2022
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I was admitted to Poona Hospital on 05/07/2017 for complaints much as Loss of Appetite: puuece Anaemia t& Weight Loss & my creatinine was 9.5 On further investigations, 1 was diagnosed with multiple myeloma & Dr. Ajit Tambolkar referred my case 19 Dr. Amit Bhatt who Sdvined chemotherapy & accordingly I underwent 6 Cycles of Chemo Therapy of Bortesomib plus Dexa till Nov, 2017. Lenalidomide capsules were also tried along with the above-
ventoned drugs however ister on it wea stopped in view of my impaired kidneys & say tolerance towards the caprules. 1 ad lot of rash on my body & my skin was being pecled Gif. During the eaid period I was also put on dialysis tll October 2017. Initially, the dialysis was for once a week before it was (dialysist) Coeeplcily stopped in September 2017 aa creatinine was under 3. Thereafter the disease (Myeloma) was in related drug / medicines oD
November 2018 Le. almost a year, Then during one of the follow up visits, Monoclonal Band was
aorta the reports. Hence Dr, Amit Bhat again advised 2 cycles of Chemo Therapy (Bortesomst}-
‘Bat thia time Bortezomib proved to be ineffective & M Band did not get reduced nific
‘So, the Dr, decided to change the drug ¢& put me on Carfilzomib, In the meantime,

riak involved & alno the estimate of expenditure

$0, we decided to wn for the ASCT in Dec 2019 since my son's wedding wae siated to be in the
month of November. I was admitted to hospital on 13 Dec. 2019 for ASCT & was discharged on
21/01/2020, 1 was in complete isolation during the period of ASCT treatment. I suffered from
nausea & diarthoea for about a week soon after I was given Melphanin injecSoe But since my
discharge from the hospital till date 1 have absolutely no complaints ss far ax my health is
concerned. Ihave been regularly doing health check up & al my blood reports are showing signs
of recovery. Aly creatinine was found to be 1.66 during the latest blood examination.

During the period of my treatment all the doctors & the other staff were very courteous & paid
complete attention to me.