Difficulty Understanding The Heavy Medical Terms? Cancer Lingo Simplified #2

The lack of understanding of medical terms can also cause confusion and miscommunication between patients and healthcare professionals

Avinash Cancer Clinic    03-Feb-2023
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Medical terms can be complicated for the average person to understand. The jargon and terminology used in the medical field are often complex and technical, making it challenging for patients. One of the main reasons that medical terms are so difficult to understand is that they are often very specialized.
Cancer Lingo Simplified
The lack of understanding of medical terms can also cause confusion and miscommunication between patients and healthcare professionals. Cancer Lingo Simplified works as a useful word bank because patients may not fully understand what a healthcare professional is saying or may interpret the information in a different way than intended. This can lead to confusion and frustration on both sides, and can even lead to patients not following treatment plans or not taking medications as prescribed.

Cancer is one of the most difficult diseases to diagnose, manage and treat. When doctors discuss cancer and its treatment, it may appear as if they speak a foreign language.
So here are a few terms that you can refer to before making your next doctor’s appointment.
Let’s start with the basic terms-

Stage (स्टेज) Marathi- पायरी

The stage of cancer tells and describes the size of a tumor and how far it has spread from its origin. For doctors to start the treatment of cancer they need to know the stage of the cancer is in. Depending on the stage the treatment is then decided and managed. The stages of cancer are divided into 4 categories increasing the severity of it.


Grade (ग्रेड) Marathi- वेग

The grade of cancer depends on how the cells are looking like and what they show under the microscope. When the grade of a cancer is lower it is slower-growing cancer and when the grade of a cancer is higher it is faster-growing cancer. Lower-grade cancer is typically less aggressive and has a better prognosis. Cancer cells with higher grades tend to be more aggressive.

Diagnosis (डायग्नॉसिस) Marathi- निदान

Diagnosis is the identification of a disease based on the symptoms and the cause via examination. It is after the diagnosis of the disease that the course of the treatment and the prognosis is decided.

Prognosis (प्रोग्नोसिस) Marathi- रोगनिदान

A prognosis is a prediction of the future course of a disease. A prognosis follows a diagnosis. It generally tells how long will the symptoms or the conditions last and how dangerous is condition.


Metastasis (मेटास्टेसिस) Marathi- अशी स्थिती ज्यामध्ये कर्करोग एका अवयवापासून दुसर्‍या अवयवामध्ये पसरतो

The spread of cancer cells from their origin to other parts of the body. Metastasis or Metastatic cancer occurs when the cancer cells break away from their origin and travel through the blood or lymph system to other organs or tissues. The new tumor forming in the other body tissues or organs is the same as the primary tumor.

In conclusion, medical terms can be difficult for the average person to understand. Patients should not be afraid to ask their healthcare provider to explain things in a way that is easy for them to understand.