1. Is Bone Marrow transplant an operation:

No, however the donor may be taken to Operation theatre if bone marrow harvest is planned

2. Is there a risk to the person donating?

The process of donation is safe and involves minimal discomfort of some injections to the donor.

3. How many days will I have to stay in the hospital?

  1. You will have to stay for a period of approximately 1 month.

4. Can I meet people during the transplant

Transplant is done in an isolated room which is a positive pressure room with HEPA filters to prevent infections.

5. What are the complications of transplant

Transplant complications involve infections, graft rejections and GvHD

6. Will my blood group change after transplant

In a Allogenic transplant people will have the blood group of the donor after a successful transplant.

7. When can I go to work after transplant.

If there are no complications after transplant, In an Autologous transplant after 3 months and in allogenic after 6 months

8. Will I need vaccinatons post transplant

Post transplant the patients immunity is like that of a new born baby an needs to be trained with vaccinations, these are started 3-6 months after transplant

9. How long do I need to follow up after transplant

Follow up is lifelong, however 3 months post transplant you need to follow up weekly and thereafter the intervals will become once in a month if no complications.

10. What is the success rate of transplant

The success rates of some transplants are as good as 90% and above , like in a recently detected young aplastic anemia. Prognosis varies with diseases, type of transplant and timing of transplant. Earlier the transplant, better the outcomes. Your transplant physician is a better guide for the same.

11. Is it possible to have a normal drug free life after transplant

Yes, medicines post transplant are given for 3-12 months according to the type of transplant. Thereafter if there are no complications the patient can have a normal drug free and disease free life.